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    Creating habits for ATHLETES to build

    strength, endurance, body/skeletal wellness


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    Meet Jestine

    As most people start, I was apprehensive of this "Voo Doo" oil but I soon grew to appreciate how using essential oils improved my overall health and offered more endurance to keep a rigorously lifestyle.


    I love to be in the outdoors, swim, bike, ride motorcycle, jet ski, daily yoga practice and roller skating.


    In 2012 I tried out for the Dutchland Rollers (Lancaster PA Amateur Roller Derby Team), competed as a full time Jammer & Blocker for the team and continued my love for this sport for over 6 years!


    During this time (2014) I started my journey as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate! I soon realized how much essential oils impacted my performance on and off the track! I felt so good! I was playing FULL CONTACT roller derby against other women 25 years younger than me! I had so much energy that I began to share essential oils with my team, family members & friends.


    I am now focusing on sharing essential oils with ALL athletes. That just may mean that you choose to go to the gym several times a week or participate in a physically demanding sport. Let me partner with you to create habits to build strength, endurance, focus, body & skeletal wellness. We can harness our bodies natural ability to heal using the power of essential oils.


    Athletic Consultations are complimentary. We use current activity level, nutritional intake and your goals to achieve overall health & wellness to maintain a healthy lifestyle or compete in a home, amateur or pro setting.

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